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 Established in 2004, located in Qingshan Industrial Park of Hangzhou city in China, HZ DRYAIR has been providing integrated environmental solution and systems with superior performance for China's military& aerospace equipment and many other civilian applications for more than 10 years.It covers an area of 15000 square meters and has more than 160 employees, which include 5 senior engineers, 1 Doctor's degree graduate,5 Master's degree graduate,

As an pioneer in domestic desiccant wheel technology, HZ DRYAIR’s professional staff has many years of design, fabrication and sales experience in a wide range of industries. HZ DRYAIR has been devoted to R&D of desiccant dehumidifiers and VOC abatement system and are granted for more than 20 Utility patents. The company has developed a series of mature dehumidification equipment and VOC abatement system .The products include ZCLY series for bridge coating industry, ZCH series for lithium industry, ZCB series for chemical, food ,electrical and pharmaceutical industry and ,VOC abatement system etc.

HZ DRYAIR is predominant in domestic dehumidifier market and its sales value is far ahead of other competitors. The company's customers are all over the World, some typical customers are Nanotek Instruments(USA), General Capacitor(USA) ,FPA (Australia),the 18th institute of China Electronics(CETC) and BYD,BAK,CATL,EVE, SAFT, Lishen battery in lithium industry, Hangzhou East China Pharmaceutical Group in pharmaceutical industry ,Wahaha and want want in food industry, etc.

Moreover, HZ DRYAIR has deep cooperation with some major domestic scientific research institutes in R&D of air treatment technology, an environment testing laboratory has been built in cooperation with Zhejiang university, it can provide good reference for government to set environment management standards and some other industrial standards.

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