HANGZHOU DRYAIR TREATMENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD has developed a wide variety of dessicant dehumidifier products according to market demand and guest requirement.

Humidity control requirements of air conditioning systems

It is especially suitable for the room with relative humidity ≤50% or the air conditioning system with large fresh air volume. Such as electronic industrial plant, optical disc production line, computer room and hotel fresh air system. When the rotary dehumidifier is used in the fresh air system, the energy consumption can be reduced and the humidity control of the system can be improved.

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Constant temperature and humidity system of an electronics factory

2.For the product that has comprehensive requirements for air humidity,temperature, cleanliness system engineering

Rotary dehumidifier is suitable for the air humidity, temperature, cleanliness has comprehensive requirements of the system engineering, the relative humidity of 10%~40% of the range of dehumidification, configuration of freezing dehumidification, combined with a rotary constant temperature and humidity purification unit, can be very stable or flexible according to the temperature and humidity changes and control of the system humidity, but also save energy. Especially pharmaceutical, explosives, food, candy, milk powder, laminated glass, printed products and other humidity sensitive products production workshop and warehouse use.

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A food factory constant temperature and humidity purification system

3.For dehumidification systems with ultra-low dew point requirements

The development of high technology has promoted the degree of modern civilized production. For some sophisticated products, the production environment is an effective guarantee to ensure zero defect products. For example, the humidity requirements of production workshops such as lithium battery lithium material processing are 1-2%RH to meet the production. Conventional dehumidification method is absolutely prohibitive, using HZDryair's ZCH series dessicant dehumidification unit can easily obtain low dew point air.

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Drying system of a battery factory

4.Drying and dehumidification in the production process

In the production process of aerospace, chemical industry, chemical fiber, photosensitive materials, film film, polyvinegar film, food, wood, etc., the activated silica gel wheel dehumidification function effectively provides dry air to ensure the safety of production, improve product quality and yield, and obtain the best economic benefits.

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A satellite launch center dehumidification system

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