Chemical Glass Tire


Most fertilizers contain water-soluble salt,which have been proven to be effective in supplying mineral nutrients to crops.All fertilizer materials are directly affected by water and can interact with moisture in the atmosphere which usually result in undesirable results such as caking or physical breakdown. Therefore,it is essential to control humidity levels in the production,storage and packaging process of chemical fertilizer.

Safety glass Lamination

The thin,Transparent adhesive plastic film between layers of safety glass is quite hygroscopic.If exposed in a humid environment,after absorbing moisture the film will boil it off in processing,creating steam bubbles which get trapped in laminated glass. Desiccant dehumidifiers can create low-humidity environments for the manufacturing and storage of laminated glass.

Steel Radial Tires

The quality of radial tires is particularly sensitive to the manufacturing conditions. In the calendaring,cutting and curing workshop of all steel radial tire factories, the temperature is maintained at 22 ℃ and the relative humidity is usually kept below 50%RH, if not, the steel cord will rust or cannot bond with rubber. Therefore,it is critical that belt wire not be exposed to moisture to avoid breakdown in adhesion and quality.

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